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In the past, as a regular Tesco user, I have found it difficult to find a space, after eventually finding the only space, only to find in the store, that there cannot be that number of people in here cannot equate to the number of cars, now this system is in place, Tesco has proved that far too many people were abusing their car park, going elsewhere, not in the store, so it has to be understanderbly a good thing for them and their customers, the only people who disagree, are the freeloaders who will now have to pay somewhere else , now it is easier for their customers, a simple system. You park, if you are less than 30 minutes, it is FREE, if you spend more than £5, which will likely take longer with a weekly shop, then it is still FREE, all you have to do is, prove when you leave by using the "logging out machine", so they know you've left, and will not be charged, simples.   07-11-16